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the Continental Club
Hot August Night
Disco with a touch of Neil Diamond!
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Disco Expressions - The most authentic and best disco experience in the great state of Texas and beyond!

Unlike other party bands, they focus only on disco hits of the 70's and put on the highest energy disco show around. Led by Mitch Pauls, the lead dancer and singer, these seasoned musicians tear it up with a sweaty, hot, hard-hitting performance, wearing real disco clothes and using real instruments. No Wigs. No samples. No synths. Real polyester. Real horns. Real keyboards. With yearly events like Disco New Year (always the weekend after New Years Eve), Disco Fool's Day at the beginning of April, Prom Night at the end of May, Hot August Night, Discoween, and Disco Wonderland at the Beginning of December, Disco Expressions has established itself as a party force. Check out their next show and book them for your party!

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